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Show Detail: Tomorrow's World - Five Keys to Answered Prayer



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People, in general, have a natural curiosity about tomorrow, what it will be like, what it will bring, what we will be doing and what the future holds for us in face of the growing uncertainty of world conditions. You are giving expression to that curiosity by your exploration of this site. Can you really know what tomorrow will be like? We believe you can, because the Great God of the Universe has given us a window, His Word-the Holy Bible-opened into Tomorrow’s World. Through the prophecies of the Bible, the future can be known and understood. Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the inspired teachings of His Apostles and His Church, we can know what God expects of us. We welcome you to continue to explore the TRUTH, embodied in our online materials, Tomorrow’s World magazines, booklets, commentaries and the streaming audio/video of our Tomorrow’s World television program.


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